Tourist Attractions & Sightseeing in Qingdao

Attractions in Qingdao - ZhongShan ParkAttractions in Qingdao not only span global historical events in time but also include a wide diversity of scenery and local culture.  Qingdao (青岛; 青島; TsīngTǎo) translates to "Green Island," and while it is not entirely surrounded by the ocean, it is an island of relaxed living bathed in fresh sea breezes where the rich and famous from around the world still come to play.

Commercial trade has existed in Qingdao, an old port city that knows boats and sailing, for centuries.  And in August 2008, these same waters of the surrounding FuShan Bay were filled with the sails of yachts from all over the world as they participated in the first Olympics ever in China.

Old Town:  Historical attractions in Qingdao filled with European & Gothic/Roman architecture that depicts the Sailing City's international past.
Jiaozhou Imperial Court
Maxim’s Building
Marquis Hotel
German Drugstore
German Police Station
Deutshe Asiatische Bank
Old Observatory
Prince Henry Road (GuangXi Lu)
Miweisiji Library
Jiao'ao Post Office
Lutheren Hotel
Ruxin Hospital
Taigu Bank Manager's House
First German Primary School
Lutheran Church (aka Protestant Church)
Old American Consulate
Bizmarck Barracks
Residence of Princess Duoluouote
No. 2 German Navy Headquarters
Shandong Railway & Mineral Company
Old German Consulate
Iltis Barracks
Shen Ying Hospital
Education Committee Building
St. Michaels Cathedral
Qingdao International Club
Naval Hotel/Restaurant
Jiao'ao Customs Building
Catholic Mission
Residence of the German Bishop
European Prison
Dehua Bank
Seashore Hotel
Beaches, Surf, & Sea:  Attractions in Qingdao centered around the Sailing City's beautiful and scenic 26km of coastline along the Yellow Sea.
Bathing Beach No. 1
Bathing Beach No. 2
Bathing Beach No. 3
Polar Ocean World
Golden Sand Beach
Silver Beach
ShiLaoRen (Old Stone Man) Beach
Underwater World
LiuQinHe Beach
Yangkou Beach
Seaside Pathway
ZhanQiao Pier
Parks & Gardens:  Horticultural attractions in Qingdao that stretch from the coastal shores to mountain highlands.
ZhongShan Park
Botanical Park
Forest Fun Park
Garden of Sea Billows
Garden of Sea Wind
Garden of The Joyous Sea
Sculpture Park
ShiLaoRen Sightseeing Garden
Taping Cape Park
Xiao Qingdao Park
XiaoYuShan Park (Little Fish Hill)
XinHaoShan Park (Signal Hill Park)
Mount Lao Scenic Area
LuXun Park
Qingdao Hill Forts Park
Rain Forest Ecological Garden
Daze Mountain Scenic Area
TianHeng Island
Museums & Other Historical Sites:  Cultural attractions in Qingdao that showcase local customs and folklore.
Qingdao Municipal Museum
HuaShi Villa
May Fourth Square
Qingdao Guest House
Olympic Sailing Museum
Qingdao Naval Museum
Qingdao Sculpture Museum
TianHou Palace
Underground World Chinese Mythology
Qingdao Music Square
Tsingtao Brewery Museum
Qingdao Marine Products Museum
Haier Science Museum
Qingdao Shell-Carving Art Gallery
Other Places of Interest:  
HuiQuan Square
Qingdao Concert Hall
Qingdao Huadong Winery
Qingdao International Beer City
Qingdao Municipal Public Library
Qingdao People's Auditorium
Qingdao International Convention Center
TianTai Stadium
Qingdao Municipal Art Gallery
Qingdao TV Tower
GuoXin Stadium - The Diamond
DengZhou Road (Beer Street)