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Huangdao Silver Beach, QingdaoSilver Beach - Huangdao
399 Provincial Road
Qingdao, Shandong Province.  P.R. China
黄岛薛家岛, 银沙滩, 中国山东省青岛市黄岛开发区

Hours: 24
Admission fee: Free


Silver Beach (yín shā tān: 银沙滩), located on the southern part of Huangdao's rustic coastline, is just a few kilometers south of Golden Sand Beach; this stretch of undeveloped  sand provides a place to get away from the crowds and enjoy and afternoon with close friends.  It is an ideal place to camp under the stars during a warm summer night.

Getting there:
Ferry: Qingdao - XueJiaDao, 10-12 rmb
Closest Bus Stop: <Yin Sha Tan> #3  (from XueJiaDao ferry terminal take bus # 2 and get off at XueJiaDao ShiChang.  Walk across the street and take bus # 3, get off at YinShaTan.)
Taxi: Approximately 12 rmb from XueJiaDao ferry terminal (xuē jiā dao lún dù: 薛家岛轮渡).