Mountains & Springs in Qingdao

LaoshanLaoShan (Mount Lao), located east of Qingdao, with its magnificiant granite peaks watching over the Yellow Sea from heights above one thousands meters, has for centuries made it a place of myth and legend. Known in traditional folklore as the home of immortals, Mount Lao has attracted the admiration of emperors, poets, and priests for more than two thousand years.  Covering some 400 square kilometers, including the highest points along the eastern coast of China, Laoshan is the only one of China's sacred mountains that has a sea view.

There are many temples, historical relics, and monuments on Mount Lao.  TaiQing Temple, being 2000 years old, is the largest and oldest of its kind in China.  Laoshan was praised by the Ming Dynasty governor Zhao Xian as "The first mountain by the sea."  The monument to the People's Heroes at Tiananmen Square in Beijing is made of stone from Laoshan.  Most of the cities hot springs are located in Jimo city.  WenQuan, a town in Jimo city, has three naturally flowing springs that generally have a temperatures of 30°C-60°C.  Occasionally these natural hot springs can reach temperatures as high as 93°C. This terrestrial heat is distributed over a 10 hectare area.

Mountains & Springs in Qingdao:
LaoShan, FuShan, & Surrounding Bays
LaoShan Springs