LaoShan, FuShan, & Surrounding Bays

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It’s time to start getting out your hiking equipment and gear up for the coming spring!  While living in or just traveling through Qingdao, one should not miss out on it's beautiful parks, beaches, and mountains.

FuShanMount Fu - Fushan (FuFengShan 浮峰山):
FuShan (浮山), Qingdao's back yard, is easily accessible and provides hikers with splendid 360° panoramic views of Qingdao. It also has several large granite faces ideal for rock climbing. FuShan is full of natural springs that many locals tout as the "fountain of life" and use for local tea ceremonies.

The natural springs are so clean and clear that the spring water is completely transparent in this photograph.  Fushan's Dragon Back ridge can be seen on the right.

Laoshan (崂山) - Mount Lao:
Laoshan Located 20 kilometers east of central Qingdao, LaoShan rises majestically from the sea, highlighted by granite outcroppings and precipitous cliffs. Grass and trees flourish on the mountain as the area has abundant rainfall. It is said that the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221-207 B.C.) once came here in search of elixirs. A huge rock inscribed with the words "waves blending into the sky" is said to be where the emperor once stood when he first climbed LaoShan. The mountain became a Taoist shrine during the Song (960-1279 A.D.) and Yuan (1271-1368 A.D.) Dynasty, when many Taoist temples were built. Legends describe the mountain as a place of mystery and wonder, it is regarded as a residence for immortals.

The summit can be reached by three routes:
On the south route, the climber will find Genghis Khan's Supreme Purity Temple (Taiqinggong). Towering over this Taoist temple, which contains the "Three Emperors Hall" (Sanhuangdian), is a cypresses over two thousand years old. The "Three Purity Hall" (Sanqingdian), with its magic spring water (Shenshui), is an awesome sight. To Yakou: Bus #104, #304, #802.

The north route, which offers many breathtaking views, zigzags among uniquely shaped granite boulders and cliffs. Along this route you will find "Three Steps in Succession" (Sanbujin), "Ladder in the Sky" (Shangtianti), and "Terrace for Meeting Immortals" (Huixiantai). Once you reach "At strip of Sky" (Yixiantian) the overhanging precipices provide a thrilling picturesque view. The "Terrace for Meeting Immortals", rising more than a hundred meters above the ground like a tower, is also called "Dressing Terrace" (Shuzhuangtai); folklore says that fairies used to dress themselves at the top! To Yangkou: Bus #106, #109, #123, #312.

Along the middle route, visitors can see LaoShan Springs. Regarded as "magic" since ancient times, this spring water comes from four directions: Nine Water (Jiushui), Inner Nine Water (Neijiushui), Outer Nine Water (Waijiushui), and South Nine Water (Nanjiushui). To Beijiushui: Bus #107, #110, #311.

Park Hours: 24
Admission fee: 30 - 60 RMB (Seasonal)
Sites within the park (temples, nunnery, caves): 7:30 - 18:00 (varies depending on site)
Admission fee: 2 - 15 RMB (varies depending on site)
Cable Car: 8:00 - 17:30 (varies depending on route)
Fee: 20 - 60 RMB (varies depending on location, and travel)

If you are interested in organizing an event please post it in the Hiking in Qingdao group forum.