Museums & History in Qingdao

Qingdao Guest House Qingdao City is full of historical, informational, and educational museums as well as many famous historical sites such as May Fourth Square (WuSi GuangChang), TianHou Palace, and Qingdao Guest house (pictured on the right).  These are only a few of the magnificent sights the city has to offer.

"Must See" Museums include: Tsingtao Brewery Museum, Qingdao Naval Museum, Qingdao German Prison Site Museum, and the Qingdao Municipal Museum which has been renovated for the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta.

Many of these museums and historical sites are now FREE or offer a certain number of FREE passes per day.  Check attraction details for information on admittance fees and hours of operation.

Historical Sites & Museums in Qingdao:
Camel Xiangzi Museum
Governor's Office Building
Haier Science Museum
HuaShi Villa
Qingdao Art Gallery & Museum
Qingdao Beer Museum
Qingdao Fire WatchTower
Qingdao German Prison Site Museum
Qingdao Guest House (Governor's Mansion)
Qingdao Marine Products Museum
Qingdao Municipal Archives
Qingdao Municipal Museum
Qingdao Music Square
Qingdao Naval Museum
Qingdao Olympic Sailing Museum
Qingdao Postal - Telecommunications Museum
Qingdao Sculpture Museum
Qingdao Shell-Carving Art Gallery & Museum
Tianhou Palace Temple (Qingdao Folk Custom Museum)
Wine Museum - Red Wine Street