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Music SquareMusical Square
3 Aomen Road
ShiNan District > Fushan Bay Area (Central Qingdao)
Qingdao, Shandong Province.  P.R.  China
音乐广场, 澳门路3号, 中国山东省青岛市市南区

Hours: 24
Admission fee: Free

The "Sail of Music" is situated in the center of the square.  The platform, overlooking the sea, was designed as an open music score, in which, world famous melodies are stored.  Visitors can enjoy different melodies by stepping on it.  The park is located between to bus stops; Shao'r Huo Dong Zhong Xin and May 4th Square Stops on the edge of the west side of May 4th Square.

Closest Bus Stops:
Yan Er Shang Lu: #317 (Walk East)
WuSi Guang Chang: #317 (Walk West)