Outlying Tourist Areas in Qingdao

Qingdao Suburbs The outskirts of Qingdao and it's suburbs offer unique chances to experience Shandong's true culture not affected by current urbanization & industrialization.  Taking the time to travel to these places will give you a glimpse into Qingdao's indigenous past.

Shandong is full of scenic mountain ranges.  Laoshan, located about an hour from the Qingdao Central Business District (CBD) offers offers outdoor enthusiast a wide variety of activities which include hikes to Daoists Temples such as Taigong through peppered forests lined by spring feed crystal clear streams overlooked by dragon backed granite peaks.

Although not in one of Qingdao's county-level cities, Taishan less than 3 hours by China Railway High-speed (CRH), is one of China's top 5 tourist destinations.  As Laoshan's big brother it is a must see to all who come to Shandong.

Outlying Tourist Areas in Qingdao:
Cliff Carvings of TianZhu Mountain
Great Wall of Qi
Jimo Ancient City Relics
TianHeng Island