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Great Wall of Qi

Great Wall of Qi (齐长城)

Considered to be the oldest Great Wall in China, the Qi Wall is the most intact remains of the ancient Great Wall of Qin.

Ruling over a large area of present Shandong Province, Qi was the most powerful state during China’s Spring and Autumn Periods.  Fights between the states: Jin, Lu and Qi were common; Qi was often defeated.  To discourage the invaders, the governors of Qi commissioned the building of a wall along Taishan Mountain where Qi bordered the other two states.

Although the original Wall of Qi had been destroyed and abandoned, some remains can still be found in Shandong Province.  Starting from Pingyin in the west and ending in the Yujiahe Village of Xin'an Town in Huangdao District, the Great Wall of Qi stretches for more than 500 kilometers.  Nowadays, the entrance area of the Great Wall of Qi has been built into a tourism resort.