Parks & Gardens in Qingdao

ZhongShan Park Cherry Blossoms, QingdaoTogether there are ten hill parks in Qingdao that have a bird's eye view of the city characterized its by the red roof-tiles, the green trees, the blue sea and azure sky.

Every Spring and Autumn Qingdao is vibrant with color.  Pictured to the right is ZhongShan Park during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Many parks in Qingdao have their own unique flowers and fauna.  Several community members host bird watching events at local parks.

LaoShan has as rugged coastal beauty that is similar to California's north coast.  Mount Lao Scenic Area has many temples, monuments, and historical relics including 2000 year old TaiQing Temple, which is the largest and oldest of its kind in China.

Many of these parks and gardens are now FREE or offer a certain number of FREE passes per day.  Check attraction details for information on admittance fees and hours of operation.

Parks & Gardens in Qingdao:
BaiHua Park
Botanical Park
Forest Fun Park (Zhan Shan Park)
Garden of Sea Billows (Hai Tao Yuan)
Garden of Sea Wind (Hai Feng Yuan)
Garden of The Joyous Sea (Hai Fang Yuan)
Garden of the Sea Rhythm (Hai Yun Yuan)
Lu Xun Park
Ocean In Motion Theme Park (Just High)
Qingdao Hill Forts Park
Sculpture Park
Shilaoren (Old Stone Man) Sightseeing Garden
TaiPingShan Park
Taping Cape Park
Xiao Qingdao Park (Little Qingdao Island)
XiaoYuShan Park (Little Fish Hill)
XinHaoShan Park (Signal Hill Park)
ZhongShan Park