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St. Michael's Cathedral, Qingdao

St. Michael's Cathedral

15 ZheJiang Road
Telephone: +86 (532) 8286-5960
ShiNan District > Qingdao Bay area (west of GuanXiangShan Park)
Qingdao, Shandong Province.  China
圣弥爱尔大教堂, 浙江路15号, 中国山东省青岛市市南区

Hours: 08:30 - 17:00
Admission: 3 RMB

St. Michael's Cathedral was built by the Divine Word Missionaries (abbreviated “SVD,” from their Latin name: Societas Verbi Divini) in 1934. The structure has 11,480 square meters of ground space with a total floor space of 2,623 square meters.  St. Michael's Cathedral, which is 60 meters tall, has become an important landmark of Qingdao.  It is currently closed as a tourist attraction to the general public however the exterior architecture is a popular backdrop for local wedding photos.

St. Michael's Cathedral has survived two World Wars and a Cultural Revolution with only minimal damage.  In 1942, during the Japanese occupation of Qingdao a banner was hung above the main entrance that read “Under Management of the Japanese Army”.  However, during Mao's Cultural Revolution (1966–1976) members of the Red Army defaced parts of Bishop Georg Weig's tombstone that was set into a wall in the north transept as well as cutting the two crosses off the top of the steeples.  St. Michael's Cathedral 2400 pipe organ, one of the two largest in Asia, was also destroyed.

The Chinese government subsequently repudiated the Cultural Revolution and funded the cathedral's restoration efforts.  New crosses were manufactured for the cathedral's restoration, and after several years of repair, St. Michael's Cathedral was re-opened in April 1981.  In May 1999 the Catholic Protestant Church was opened to the general public, allowing entry when mass or other services are not being held.