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Doing Business in Qingdao, Shandong Province China, can be challenging.  Finding an office, warehouse, or factory and registering your business are just the first steps towards your journey to running a successful business in China.  Outsourcing and finding skilled labor are perhaps the most difficult aspects of this process.  There are several LinkedIn business networks (The Qingdao Network - 1,100+ members, Qingdao Business Network - 650+ members) where you can network with others doing business in Qingdao.

Qingdao, Shandong Province China, is well known for its agricultural, pharmaceutical, seafood products and associated import & export trade business.  The following is a directory of Qingdao business offices that are located within its 6 districts: Shinan, Shibei, Licang, Chengyang, Huangdao, and Laoshan, and 4 county-level cities: Jiaozhou, Jimo, Pingdu, and Laixi.

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Qingdao Business Directory Listings (B2B):