Business Associations in Qingdao

Qingdao's Business Associations are mostly comprised of small to medium sized business enterprises (SME's) and startups that are engaged in promoting the business interests of their members.  These Qingdao Business Associations are non-registered, local organizations that offer an opportunity to network with others doing business in Qingdao.

Qingdao also has offices and/or manufacturing plants for numerous multinational business enterprises such as Emerson Motors, Maersk, Lucent Technologies, UPS, FedEx, Ikea, BMW, Mercedes, Durex, and Bayer AG.

There are several LinkedIn business networks (The Qingdao Network - 1,052+ members, Qingdao Business Network - 606+ members) where you can network with others doing business in Qingdao.

Beijing's AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce) offers the best place to network with other business professionals "doing business in China."

Business Associations in Qingdao:
Qingdao International Business Association