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Qingdao China Real Estate & Relocation Qingdao Real Estate & Relocation Team (QDRE)
Manhattan Plaza
18 Shandong Road
Shinan District > Central Business District
Qingdao, Shandong Province. P.R. China
Harvard Business School - Certificate of Appreciation

Founded in 2002 to help with the relocation of individuals and businesses to Qingdao and its urban areas, Qingdao Real Estate & Relocation Team incorporates most of the top real estate agencies in Qingdao and includes names like Century 21, Mayan, and Pacific real estate.

So why sift through hundreds of real estate agencies to find your dream property when you can contact Qingdao Real Estate & Relocation Team instead?  If you send us your detailed housing requirements and annual budget along with your required move-in date, our real estate/relocation specialists can help you find what you are searching for: Apartment, Villa, Duplex, or even a Serviced Apartment with a spectacular city/ocean view!

Our clients have included Olympic athletes and their families from around the globe as well as multinational giants such as BMW, UPS, FedEx, TRW, Durex, IMC Center, Lucent Technologies, Sony-Ericsson, Intel, Hisense, & Haier -- and most recently the Spanish Volvo Ocean Race Teams Telefonica Blue & Telefonica Black as well as the Canadian Department of Agriculture, Harvard Business School.