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Qingdao Night Trend Bar & ClubNight-Trend (YeChao) Bar & Club
2F Bldg E, ZhongLian Creative Square
122 NanJing Road
Telephone: +86 (532) 8280-1111
ShiNan District > Zhong Lian Plaza
Qingdao, Shandong Province. P.R. China
夜潮, 南京路122号, 中联创意广场E栋2楼

Night-Trend (Ye Chao) is one of several new hip bars in the newly built ZhongLian Creative Square.  Drink specials and hip crowd make it a favorite among locals.


+1 # Rocky 2012-09-08 16:39
Hey guys, I am looking for this Chinese Song that was always playing at Night-Trend (YeChao). The text sounded something like: "Woben gamba style" I assume the first two words are probably "Women ganbay" It was sometimes remixed with "Shots". It was basically the only Chinese song that was playing there every night. It was a male singer and it was more spoken then sung. Can somebody help me, please?
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+3 # AnnaMaria88 2012-09-24 05:01
Hello Rocky, if you look for "GangNam Style Shots" you'll find it :-)
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+10 # george 2011-09-20 04:50
Night-Trend (YeChao):
It's a place were u always can find Russian escort girls for a minimum price. Good luck fellas !
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0 # Bugles 2013-07-03 13:01
Which day and time is the best to go there and meet people?
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