Cinemas & Theaters in Qingdao

Qingdao has several Cinemas that offer a true cinematic experience with all the latest audio and video technology. The newest cinema in Qingdao is HuaCheng Film Town located on the 8th floor of MyKAL Shopping Complex on XiangGang Middle Road. Located on the 4th floor of Wal-Mart in Taidong is Wanda International Cinema City; this cinema also has an arcade for extra amusement.

Qingdao hosts a wide variety of theatrical events and drama productions. The Qingdao Theater is renown throughout China and has produced some of the most famous Peking Opera performers. The Qingdao Peking Opera Troupe puts on a fantastic show - Enjoy!

Cinemas & Theaters in Qingdao:
Broadway Cinema Multiplex
China Cinema
DaGuangMing Cinema
HaiYi Cinema
HuaChen Film Town Cinema
HuiQuan Cinema
JinYi International Cinema
LouShan Theater
National Arts Theater
Olympic Sailing Center Grand Theater
Open-Air Cinema
Qingdao Grand Theater
Qingdao Peking Opera Theater
Qingdao SY Theater
QingHua Theater & Cinema
SiFang Theater
Wanda International Cinema City