Art, Books, & Antiques in Qingdao

The Qingdao art and music scene is currently on the move and in the past has produced famous painters such as "Mo Ren" and "Master of Huiwen Villa."  Qingdao flower shops and nurseries are abundant, so buying flowers for your loved ones on special occasions is never a problem.  Qingdao has an annual summer arts festival in which you can find modern art created by famous Chinese artists.  If you can't wait, you can still find a few decent art and antique shops around town.  Qingdao's XinHua Bookstore (Book City) is the largest book store and provides a small selection of books written in English.  The Book Nook offers the widest and most comprehensive selection of English books available in Qingdao.

Art, Antique, Flower, and Book Stores in Qingdao:
Central Avenue XinHua Bookstore
Creative 100 Industry Park
Qingdao 1919 Creative Industrial Park
Qingdao Cultural & Antique Market (Street)
Qingdao Modern Art Gallery
SanShengYuan Artworks Shop
XinHua Bookstore (Book City)
XueYuan Bookstore
YuanKangGe Classic Chinese Furniture