Language (ESL) Schools in Qingdao

There are many English Language (ESL) schools in Qingdao.  The quality of education, school management, and working environment in these ESL educational institutions are not standardized.  ESL schools vary greatly from one another.  So before you sign any contract with any school, it would be wise to talk with some local teachers (Teaching in Qingdao) who are familiar with the school you are interested in.

Most ESL schools offer minimal to no health care insurance with their full time contract. Paid sick leave is very rare at smaller schools. However, most International Schools offer western salary and benefits!

Language (ESL) Schools in Qingdao:
[CLOSED] Around Asia Foreign Language School
AMIO International English Plaza
Furen Academy (Ken's)
International House
Joy Children's English School
Qingdao Elite Foreign Language School (Yinglian Foreign Language School)
Qingdao English First (EF)
Qingdao Great Wall Foreign Language Training Center
Qingdao Leewen Foreign Language School
Qingdao Success Foreign Language School
Qingdao World Exchange College of Language (WECL)
Wall Street English
Web International English
World International English School