International Couriers in Qingdao

Qingdao has several well known international couriers that can deliver your packages and parcels around the globe. Recently China Post has acquired EMS to enter this global market and serves as the final leg to UPS, DHL, & FedEx in cities and villages that do not have local offices.

There are five well known international couriers in Qingdao. The prices vary depending on size and weight of the item being shipped. If you intend on shipping anything abroad we would suggest that us use UPS, FedEX, DHL or China Post (EMS). All four of these companies are reliable and have reasonable rates (approximately 300-500rmb for the first kilogram and 75-80rmb for every additional 500 grams).

When sending a package or parcel to an address in Qingdao use the 266000 Postal Code if you do not know exact details for a particular district.

International Couriers in Qingdao:
China Post (EMS)
Fedex Express
TNT Express
UPS Express