Local Markets & Shopping in Qingdao

ZhongShan Road, located in Old Town, has a long history as the main commercial and shopping center of Qingdao.  For over 80 years, the cities oldest shopping street, offered shoppers a variety of products and services.  ZhongShan Road has been recently renovated and abounds with dried sea products, such as dried sea cucumber, abalone, shark fin, lobster, clams, and shrimp.

Jimo Road Small Commodities Market, located just north of Zhongshan Road, is where one can find such things as pearl necklaces, shell carvings, and jade as well as clothes, shoes, luggage, bedding, watches, and a lot more to satisfy most all of your gift shopping needs.

Taidong pedestrian street has several name brand shops along with McDonald's, Walmart, and Qingdao's first Pizza Hut.  Taidong is a popular shopping area but the real cheap deals can be found during the night market which starts daily around 4:00pm.

The large scale department stores and shopping malls in Qingdao can be found throughout the Sailing City in ShiNan Central Business District, ShiBei Central Business District, ChengYang, HuangDao, or LaoShan District.

Local Markets & Shopping in Qingdao:
Jimo Lu Market
JiShilai JinZuo Tea City
LongShan Underground Market
TaiDong Night Market
ZhongShan Commerce City