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Qingdao Metro

Qingdao Metro

The first subway line (Metro Line M3) was completed and opened on December 16, 2015. It runs from the ShiNan Railway Station past Bathing Beach Number One and the city government, near May Fourth Square, north up to ChengYang District and the new Jiaozhou Bay (HaiWan) Bridge.  Qingdao Metro Lines MapHOT

  • Metro Line M1: ZhongShan Road - Chengyang > ZhongShan Road, Taidong, Railway North Station, Qingdao Airport (IATA: TAO, ICAO: ZSQD), and Chenyang District.
  • Metro Line M2: TaiHangShan Road - Licang East > Huangdao District Government, XueJiaDao, Qingdao ShiNan Railway Station, Taidong, City Government, Beer City, Licun, and Licang East.
  • Metro Line M3: ShiNan Railway Station - North Station > Qingdao Railway Station (青岛站), People's Hall (人民会堂), Huiquan Plaza (汇泉广场), Zhongshan Park (中山公园), Yan'an 3rd Road (延安三路), May Fourth Square (五四广场), Jiangxi Road (江西路), Ningxia Road (宁夏路), Dunhua Road (敦化路), Cuobuling (错埠岭), Qingjiang Road (清江路), Shuangshan (双山), Changsha Road (长沙路), Metro Building (地铁大厦), Haier Road (海尔路), Wannianquan Road (万年泉路), Licun (李村), Junfeng Road (君峰路), Zhenhua Road (振华路), Yongping Road (永平路), Qingdaobei Railway Station (青岛北站).
  • Metro Line M4: TaiShan Road - ShaZiKou > TaiShan Road, HaiPo Bridge, LiaoYang Road, East Bus Station, and ShaZiKou.
  • Metro Line M5: DaMaiDao - HuDao > Da MaiDao, XinJiaZhuang, JiangXi Road, ShanDong Road, and HuDao.
  • Metro Line M6: JingGangShan Road - WangTai (Huangdao District) > TaiHangShan Road, TuanJie Road, XinAn, HongShiYa, and WangTaiTown Station.
  • Metro Line M7: Huangdao Ferry - LiuHuaPo (Huangdao District) > Huangdao Ferry, HuangHe Road, XinAn, and LiuHuaPo.
  • Metro Line M8: Railway North Station - Jimo NanQuan > Raiway North Staion, Hongdao, ShangMaJie, JiHongTan, and JimoNanQuan.


+1 # Straydog 2012-05-07 10:06
Qingdao Metro Construction is still going on. I don't think we will see any trains running before late next year. And then only two lines will open first and the rest will be added over time. I'm looking forward to the metro and hope that it will ease traffic a bit.
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+1 # Ashley 2012-05-06 13:31
Qingdao Metro (Subway): Hey ~ Have any of the Qingdao metro lines open yet? If not, when are they scheduled to be finished and open? ~ Many thanks.
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+1 # Carol 2012-05-07 22:29
Actually, haven't opened yet, the first Qingdao Metro line should be finished and open in late 2014.
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+4 # Colton 2013-12-05 04:05
Looks like the first Metro lines will not be open until late 2015. The first line to open will be Line M3 which goes from the Qingdao Train Station north to the new Jiaozhou Bay Bridge and has 22 stations.
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