Factory Quality Control & Assurance in China

Why does my company need QC/QA for its products manufactured in China?
Qingdao Factory Quality ControlMany importers cannot afford to set up offices in their manufacturers' countries.  Frequent costly trips that disrupt business just to see how factory orders are being processed are inconvenient and time consuming.  One of the cost effective and efficient solutions is to team up with a reliable third party quality inspection/assurance firm.

Pre-Shipment Quality inspection tasks include: check whether the factories do really exist and check whether your sample order has been processed according to your quality standards in the allotted time frame. The extensive report provided will also include high quality digital photographs.

Based on our report's contents, a buyer would typically accept a shipment, totally refuse it withholding any further payment to the supplier, or renegotiate the price by forcing a discount.  Either way the buyer is mostly in control and has minimal loss in case complications occur.  The idea of paying a 3rd party inspection firm around 500 USD to save up thousands is something that must be budgeted prior to deciding to purchase anything from China.
Here are some of the features covered in a Final Product Inspection:
First, the Final Random Inspection or Quality Control, will take place when at least 80% of the products are ready and packed into export cartons.  You can of course specify if you want 100% of the products to be ready for this inspection.  The pre-shipment inspection or final random inspection will take place at the factory.  In most cases this occurs at the forwarder's premises.

The Final Random Inspection covers all possible on site checks of your products:

  • Product appearance inspection
  • Workmanship/Functionality inspection.
  • Safety and function inspection.
  • Quantity inspection.
  • Assortment inspection.
  • Colors & texture inspection.
  • Size & measurements inspection.
  • Weight inspection.
  • Accessories and spare parts inspection.
  • Labeling & logos inspection.
  • Packaging & packing (including the shipping marks) inspection.
  • Plus any other special requirements ...

Why is it necessary to perform this inspection?
Because it is simply essential to check your products before export/shipment, even if you work with a trading company or with an agent!  Your vendor, whether a factory, a trading company or an agent, will have no interest or responsibility to inform you of any potential or real quality issues.

Our team of experienced Western inspectors chooses a specific quantity of completed products and inspects them according to your specifications, requirements according to our protocols and expertise.  After inspection, you will receive a fully detailed report that includes pictures and comments.  After review you are able to accept or reject your shipment online.  This advantage will allow you to refuse defective shipments, avoid unexpected costs/delays, and in the end save time & secure your business.

We also offer:

  • Simple factory audits
  • Extended factory audits
  • Corporate social audits
  • Pre production quality inspection
  • Production quality inspection
  • First article inspection
  • Pre-shipment/loading quality inspection
  • Final Random inspection
  • Container loading Inspection
  • Laboratory test management services

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