Qingdao Festivals, Culture, & Folklore

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  • Qingdao Temple Fair at Tianhou Palace :: February - March (Jan. 1st-15th Chinese Lunar Year)
  • Radish & Rice Dumpling Fair :: February - March (Jan. 9th-15th Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Yu Shui :: February - March (Jan. 13th Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Chinese Lantern  Festival ::  February - March (Jan. 15th Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Sugar-coated Haws Festival  :: February - March (Jan. 16th –18th Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Jing Zhe :: March (Jan. 28th Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Chun Fen :: March (Feb. 13th Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • QingMing :: April 4th
  • Oriental Cherry Fair of Qingdao :: Mid to Late April
  • Oriental Cherry Tour-Japanese Week :: Mid to Late April
  • "Spring of Qingdao" Music Week :: Mid to Late April
  • Temple Fair at Zhanshan Temple ::  May (April 8th –10th Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Hongdao Clam (gala) Festival :: Early May
  • Cherry Fair at Beizhai of Mt. Laoshan :: Early to Mid May
  • Chinese Cultural Fair (Qingdao) :: Mid June
  • International Marine (Ocean) Festival of Qingdao :: Mid July
  • The Summer Arts Festival of Qingdao :: Mid July
  • Qingdao Beach Music Festival :: Mid July - Mid August
  • Qingdao International Beer Festival ::  Mid August
  • The Summer Lantern Festival of Qingdao :: July-September
  • Qi Xi (77) :: August (July 7th of the Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Money God Festival :: August-September (July 22nd Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Qingdao Beach Culture Festival :: September
  • Qingdao Books & Cultural Festival :: September
  • Daze Mountain Grape Festival :: September
  • Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival :: September-October (August 15th Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Golden Week :: The week including October 1st
  • "Love of the Mountain and the Sea" Honeymoon tour :: October
  • "Golden October" Chorus Week :: October
  • "Golden Autumn" Chrysanthemum Fair :: October-November
  • Mount Laoshan Tourist & cultural Festival :: November
  • LaBa Jie (December 8th Chinese Lunar Calendar)

Qingdao XinZheng Temple Fair @ TianHou Temple: January 1st-15th of the Chinese Lunar Year

Celebrate one of Qingdao's oldest Temple Fairs that dates back more than 500 years.  The XinZheng Temple Fair is held at TianHou Temple (Temple of the Queen of Heaven) located at 19 TaiPing Road in Shinan District.  Festivities begin on the new year and last until the 15th of the lunar calendar.  The 4th, 5th, and 6th days of the fair are filled with traditional song and dance performances.  On display will be traditional folk art and crafts including traditional Chinese paper cuts, decorative knots, calligraphy, paintings, and much more. Bus Stop - DaXue Road (大学路): #1, #6, #25, #26, #202, #214, #223, #225, #228, #231, #304, #307, #311, #312.

Qingdao Radish & Glutinous Rice Dumpling Fair: January 9th-15th of the Chinese Lunar Year

Celebrate one of Qingdao's favorite winter vegetables along with food, snacks, and cultural knick-knacks from all over China.  The Qingdao Radish Festival, currently held at Qingdao Culture Street in TaiDong, has been celebrated for more than 600 years with its origins at QingXi Temple located at the base of Children's Park on HuangTai Road.  Its origination came from local folklore that states that eating radishes on the 9th day of the new lunar year would prevent diseases in the coming year.  As the folklore spread radishes became the main staple at the temple fair and was eventually called the "Radish Festival".  Bus Stop - Li Jin: #2, #8, #211, #217, #218, # 221, #222, #232, #301, #320.

Chinese Lantern Festival: January 15th of the Chinese Lunar Year

Qingdao Clams (gala)The Lantern Festival (Simplified Chinese: 元宵节; Traditional Chinese: 元宵節/元宵; pinyin: Yuán Xiāo Jié) takes place at the end of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year Celebration) on the day of the first moon.  This festival, which marks the end of the series of celebrations starting from the Chinese New Year, is the day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebration period.  Records indicate that the lantern festival dates back as far as the Han Dynasty (BC 206 - AD 220) when emperor Han Wen proclaimed on this day that all Buddhists should light lanterns to show respect for their god.  It is also considered one of China's Valentines days.  On this day glutinous rice dumplings with sweet fillings (Simplified Chinese: 汤圆; Traditional Chinese: 湯圓; pinyin: Tāng Yuán  a.k.a  yuán xiāo) are consumed as a symbol of sweetness, completeness, and unity.

Candied Haws Festival @ Haiyun Nunnery: January 16th–18th of the Chinese Lunar Year

Qingdao Candied Haws FestivalEnding the Spring Festival and beginning the day after the Lantern Festival, the Qingdao Candied Hawthorn Festival (糖球会) offers a place to gather and experience some of Qingdao's winter treats. Originating at the Haiyunan Buddhist convent, dating from the late Ming Dynasty, the festival offers different types of popular snacks from around Qingdao. Among these snacks, the most popular one is the candied hawthorn (糖球). The Candied Hawthorn Festival is a huge event spreading out over blocks around the temple. This event lasts for three days and is located at 1 HaiYun Jie in SiFang District.  To get there catch bus #319 from Carrefour or #210 at Jusco on XiangGang Zhong Lu and get off at Jia He Lu which is bus #210's terminus.
* 1st Day - Folk Snack Street Opens (HaiYun Square: morning).
* 2nd Day - Lion Dance Competition (TangQiu Square: afternoon).
* 3rd Day - Photography Show and Competition  (TangQiu Square).
* Bus Stop - SiFang:  #5, #21, #24, #206, #210, #305, #322, #371, #373

Hongdao Clam Festival: Early May

Qingdao Clam Festival @ HongdaoActivities are based on the motto 'Visit the fishing village and feel the ocean'.  Visitors can get fresh seafood, visit fishermen’s homes, go fishing and participate in other festivities ranging from carnival games to military simulations.  Hongdao, with its clean sea and mild current, is an ideal environment for local clams to thrive.   A plate of Qingdao 'gala' accompanied with a fresh draft of the local brew is considered by many as the perfect afternoon.  To get to Hongdao from the Qingdao's Central Business District (CBD), take bus #605 to XianJia Zhai in ChengYang, then transfer to #118 and get off at Xiao Jia.  From there take the "Gala Jie" bus.

Beizhai Cherry Festival @ Mount Lao: Early to Mid May

Beizhai Cherry FestivalThis cherry festival starts in early May and lasts approximately 30 days.  The photo at the right was taken at one of the numerous cherry orchards in the Mount Lao "Cherry Valley."  The Cherry Valley (BeiZhai) of Mount Lao starts at the Yu Kuang bus stop and continues to the quaint little town of BeiZhai.  You can take bus #110, #112, #311, or #365 to Yu Kuang or continue on to BeiZhai Villiage.

Oriental Cherry Fair: Mid to Late April

The Oriental Cherry Fair with a history of 80 years is held every April and May in Zhongshan Park and Badaguan. There are thousands of oriental cherry trees along the famous "Oriental Cherry Road" in the garden and a large variety of flowers such as magnolias, Chinese flowering crabapples, and tulips are on the show as well.

Annual Chinese Cultural Fair (Qingdao): Mid June

The first ever Chinese Cultural Fair will be held June 10th through the 15th.  This annual event will be held every year all over China. During the Chinese Cultural Fair the local museums will have reduced admissions and unique exhibitions that reflect the local culture and heritage of Qingdao. So take the time and "experience Qingdao!" For the opening ceremony Qingdao has planned some special events.

International Marine (Ocean) Festival: Mid July

The Qingdao Ocean Festival is held every July with the aim to present Qingdao as a seashore tourist city. The main events include the entertainment programs at the opening ceremony, the amusement activities of marine culture, the marine technology activities, the sea sports, the ocean tourism, and the activities concerning tasting the seafood.

Qingdao "Love of the Sea" Tourist Festival is a popular celebration of the public held every July, sponsored by the City South District. There have been 6 sessions since the first session in 1993. The abundant activities such as sport contests, fishing contests, movie shows, and other cultural events attract thousands of people from all over the world.

Summer Arts Festival in Qingdao: Mid July

The Summer Arts Festival in Qingdao is held every August for 1 week, presenting various performances of large scale works delivered by famous artists from all over the world.

Qingdao International Beer Festival: Mid August

The Asian Oktoberfest lasts for two weeks and begins with a grand opening ceremony, followed by beer tasting, evening entertainment, drinking competitions, and concludes with a themed final ceremony and "Ganbei".  Besides the nector of the Gods - Beer, there's tons of food, both Chinese and Western, to gorge on when you get the munchies.  Beautiful Shilaoren beach is just a 20 minute walk away from Tsingtao Beer Passion Square (Century Square).