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Qingdao's Beaches

Qingdao is not only famous for its beer but also for its many beaches that line this picturesque coastal city.  The City's total continental coast line is 730.64 kilometers and accounts for 25% of Shandong Province's total coastal area, not including Qingdao's 69 islands.  Including Qingdao's 32 bays and 69 islands the total coastline consists of 862.64 kilometers.  Qingdao's tidal difference is 1.9 to 3.5 meters.  There are two high and low tides in every lunar day which is 24 hours and 48 minutes long. Qingdao Beach Resorts have become abundant since hosting the Sailing Regattas of the 2008 Olympics. 

Qingdao Blue-Green Algae 2015 Qingdao Summer Beach Report:
Editor's Picks : ShiLaoRen (Old Stone Man) or Bathing Beach # 2

June 20th , 2015 (Blue-Green Algae Report)
According to the latest observation from the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) & North China Sea Branch (NCSB), the same blue-green algae that has annually plagued Qingdao's waters starting prior to the 2008 Olympic Regatta (pictured left) has now reached coastal Qingdao waters and local beaches; the algal bloom of sea lettuce is expected to last for several more weeks.  A major clean up is underway.  Source:

**If you are going to be in Shandong for a while, some of the best beaches can be found south-west of Qingdao in a city called RiZhao.
Beach No. 1Beach No. 1 (dì yī hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng: 第一海水浴场) <yī yù hǎi biān: 一浴海边>
Number One Bathing Beach, packed with equipment rentals and amusements of all kinds, is 800 meters long and draws unbelievable crowds during the summer months.  Although surrounded by restaurants and hotels, Zhongshan Park (zhōng shān gōng yuán: 中山公园), Huiquan Cinemas (huì quán yǐng chéng: 汇泉影城), and Small Fish Hill (xiǎo yú shān: 小鱼山) are all within walking distance.

Getting there:
Bus: #6, #15, #26, #31, #202, #206, # 214, #219, #223, #228, #231, #302, #304, #306, #311, #312, #316, #317, #321, #501, #604, #605, #801 <Hai Shui Yu Chang>
Taxi: 15-20 rmb from central Qingdao
Beach No. 2Beach No. 2 (dì èr hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng: 第二海水浴场) <èr yù hǎi biān: 二浴海边>
Number Two Bathing Beach, tucked away in beautiful Badaguan (bā dà guān: 八大关), occupies a small cove along the Qingdao Seaside Sightseeing Pathway.  This scenic area was popular with political figures such as Chairman Mao and other central government officials.  Huashi Villa (Huā shí lóu: 花石楼) and Zhongshan Park (zhōng shān gōng yuán: 中山公园) are with in walking distance.

Getting there:
Bus: #219 <Zheng Yan Guan Lu> or #26, #31, #202, #206, #214, #223, #228, #231, #304, #316, #317, #321, #501, #604, #801 <Wu Sheng Guan>
Taxi: 10-15 rmb from central Qingdao.
Beach No. 3Beach No. 3 (dì sān hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng: 第三海水浴场) <sān yù hǎi biān: 三浴海边>
Number Three Bathing Beach , also called Zhanshan Beach (zhàn shān wān: 湛山湾), is 400 meters long and located at the eastern end of Taiping Cape (tài píng jiǎo: 太平角) in Badaguan (bā dà guān: 八大关).  Available facilities include: restrooms and warm showers (10 rmb) as well as Kiosks that sell cold drinks, snacks, bathing suits, and sand-sculpting kits.  Parralell to the beach is TaiPingJiao Yi Lu which has a few quaint restaurants and cafés with ocean-views.

Getting there:
Bus: #317 <Hai Liao> or #321, #228, #223, #316, #26, # 225, #801, #31, #604, #202, #206 <Tai Ping Jiao>
Taxi: 8-10 rmb from central Qingdao
Beach No. 6Beach No. 6 (dì liù hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng: 第六海水浴场) <liù yù hǎi biān: 六浴海边>
Number Six Bathing Beach, also called Zhanqiao Bathing Beach, is located in Qingdao's old town near the Shinan District Train Station.  Zhanqiao Pier(zhàn qiáo: 栈桥) is located at the eastern end of this short strech of sand.  Tianhou palace (tiǎn hòu: 天后宫), formerly known as Tianfei Temple (tiǎn fēi: 天妃宫), is within walking distance.

Getting there:
Bus: #25, # 202, #217, #304, #312, #316, #321 <Huo Che Zhan>
Taxi: 18-20 rmb from central Qingdao
ShilaorenShi Lao Ren (shí lǎo rén: 石老人)
ShiLaoRen (Old Stone Man) is perhaps Qingdao's most impressive tourist beach.  It was named after shape of the prominent rock outcropping located just of the shirlaoren peninsula and is said to resemble an old fisherman waiting for his daughter to return from beneath the waves.  With tables, chairs, tents, ATVs, speed boats, jet skis, showers, and a beautiful new boardwalk as well as continuing re-development for the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta, this is an ideal place to spend an afternoon or warm summer evening.  If you are into boogie boarding this beach, on occasion, will provide large enough waves to give you a decent ride.

Getting there:
Bus: #104, #230, #301, #304, #311, #313, #321, #362 <Jin Jia Ling>
Taxi: 20-30 rmb from central Qingdao
Golden Sand BeachGolden Sand Beach (jīn shā tān: 金沙滩)
Golden Sand Beach, Huangdao's largest beach, offers travelers and beachcombers a golden sandy playground as far as the eye can see.  It's perfect for frisbee, soccor, football, or just relaxing under the sun's rays; tents and tables are available for rent by the hour.  Dozens of kiosks with food, drinks, beach gear, and souvenirs line the seashore.

Getting there:
Ferry: Qingdao - XueJiaDao, 10-12 rmb
Bus: #1, #4, #18 <Jin Sha Tan>
Taxi: Approximately 8 rmb from XueJiaDao ferry terminal (xuē jiā dǎo lún dù: 薛家岛轮渡)
Silver BeachSilver Beach (yín shā tān: 银沙滩)
Silver Beach , located on the southern part of Huandao's rustic coastline, is just a few kilometers south of Golden Sand Beach; this streach of undeveloped sand provides a place to get away from the crowds and enjoy and afternoon with close friends.  It is an ideal place to camp under the stars during a warm summer night.

Getting there:
Ferry: Qingdao - XueJiaDao, 10-12 rmb
Bus: #3 <Yin Sha Tan>
Taxi: Approximately 10 rmb from XueJiaDao ferry terminal (xuē jiā dǎo lún dù: 薛家岛轮渡)


+3 # lyn 2013-07-27 14:33
We are looking for a spot to have a work BBQ get together near the water in Huangdao, can anyone suggest a spot for a private get together? Around 80 people. Hoping there is some stretch of beach that allow a gas style BBQ.
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+6 # Colton 2012-08-02 20:56
The beaches are in great shape! The Qingdao administration has done a fantastic job keeping the beaches free of rubbish as well as the Blue-Green Algae.

Unfortunately, this year the city administration has banned beach BBQs!
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