Sailing in Qingdao
by Jeppe Mortensen
Why am I Sailing?

Sailing builds friendships. The last Sunday in May I had the pleasure of talking with the two gentlemen. There weren't any wind on the day, so I'd gone to the Olympic Sailing Center just to have a look. I quickly found myself sitting on a concrete pontoon, feet down in the cool water, engaged in interesting conversation topics, all while watching the sailing children from Yew Chung International School (YCIS) do their training of the day - capsizing their boat and get it back up (below, left). Such an afternoon reminds me of one of the most important reasons why I'm sailing - to spend time with friends and meet new interesting people. Sailing is great fun on, but also off the water..!

It's a sport you can pursue your whole life. There are literally thousands of different boats, so you'll always be able to find a suitable one for your age and sailing interest. Should you get tired of sailing one type of boat, you can simply move onto another - smaller, bigger, faster, or whatever excites you. Boats can be sailed either alone or with others, so no matter whether you're to individual or team sports, sailing has something for you.

Sailing is a great family activity. Sailing can be enjoyed by all ages and one's physical fitness is seldom an obstacle to get out on the water. Sailing gives you quality time with your family - brings young and older together, while providing fun and excitement for everyone. If you fall in love with sailing, it's for life. Sometimes it looks like my two-year old daughter is already in love (below, middle). Recreational sailing is all about having fun with family, friends, and sailing mates. That a beer also tastes a lot better after an exiting sail is something most should be able to appreciate.

Do you need more reasons to get started sailing..?
Qingdao Sailing July 2009
Qingdao International Sailing Club (QISC)
Location: #6 Nanhai Lu (east end of beach #1). Contact: Loik Morgant, m: 136.0897.7063.
National Organization of Community Sailing Programs (NOCSP) +
Location: Olympic Sailing Center. Contact: Vicky Song, m: 136.0896.8946, or Qiqi Tang, m: 150.6684.6415.
Qingdao International Yacht Club (QIYC)
Location: Olympic Sailing Center. Contact: George Lee, t: 6656.0067, m: 139.5427.8317.
WETA Trimaran Sailing Qingdao
Location: Olympic Sailing Center. Contact: Jeppe Mortensen, m: 138.8463.7870.
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