Coffee, Tea, & Ice Cream in Qingdao

Qingdao coffee shops, cafes, and tea houses are numerous. The most well known international coffee can be found at Starbucks. Recently several new ice cream shops have opened their doors. Now you can find several international versions of this icy delight. Don't forget to try some of the local LaoShan green tea at one of your local tea houses.

Coffee shops, cafes, tea houses, and ice cream shops in Qingdao:
Baskin Robbins
C.Straits Cafe
Cafe Kona
Caffe Esso
Dairy Queen (DQ) Ice Cream
Double Cafe
Hausbrandt Italian Cafe
Iona Cafe
Java Cafe (爪哇咖啡)
LianHuaGe Tea House
Mission Coffee
Spark Cafe & Brewery
SPR Coffee
SPR White House Coffee
Starbucks Coffee
TenFu's Tea
TommyBoy Coffee
U&I Cafe