Scuba Diving in Qingdao

Qingdao is not known for scuba diving or even snorkeling.  The maximum visibility is between 4-5 meters on a perfect day.  The marine life consists of starfish, small crabs, sea cucumber, jelly fish and some small abalone.  Most of the larger rock fish can be found at hard to reach inlets surrounding Laoshan.  The annual summer blue-green algal bloom, that started in 2008, off the shores of Qingdao has made things even worse.  If you are interested in scuba diving or snorkeling in China head down south to HaiNan.

Qingdao has two Scuba Diving Clubs.  One is located at the Qingdao International Marina & Olympic Sailing Center and the other is located on WenDeng Road near Bathing Beach No. 1.

Qingdao Scuba Diving Clubs:
Qingdao Honour-Blue Diving Club
Qingdao QinHai Scuba Diving Club