Hostels & Guest Houses in Qingdao

Qingdao has some of the most unique hostels in China.  Most of the Hostels in Qingdao are located in Old Town which is located on the west side of the Sailing City.   The hostel with the most panoramic view of Qingdao is YHA Old Observatory located atop GuanXiangShan Park.  Just down the hill on JiNing Road is Qingdao's Old Church Hostel (KaiYue).  Another unique hostel (Nordic Osheania), located on GuanTao Road (Qingdao's Old Wall Street), was the former Danish Consulate built in 1903.

Simply put, hosteling is the act of staying in hostels while you're on your travels. Largely referred to as backpacking, this form of travel is usually done on a budget and is not for the faint-hearted.  Hosteling or backpacking, takes people to parts of the world they had never even heard of before leaving the save haven of their homeland.  Backpackers coming to Qingdao learn local customs and traditions, while eating food made from things they never thought they would put in their mouths.  Backpackers share confined spaces with people from around the world night after night enjoying once in a life time experiences which cannot be condensed into a plan or an itinerary.

Of course hosteling in Qingdao has its downsides too, and would be misleading of us not to mention these.  Thankfully they're few and far between but they do exist. Qingdao Hostels, despite significant developments in recent years, are and always will be there to provide budget accommodation.  So, if you're expecting luxury treatment, well our advice is to book a luxury hotel.

Hostels & Guest Houses in Qingdao:
Big Brother Hostel
Encounter Hostel (偶遇客栈)
Nordic Osheania Youth Hostel
Qingdao Kaiyue International Youth Hostel
Qingdao Nemo Hostel
YHA Qingdao Old Observatory International Youth Hostel