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Xiao Qingdao Park (Little Qingdao Island) Xiao Qingdao Park (Little Qingdao Island)
2 QinYu Road
Telephone: +86 (532) 8286-3944
ShiNan District > Qingdao Bay Area
Qingdao, Shandong Province.  P.R. China
小青岛, 琴屿路2号, 中国山东省青岛市市南区

Hours: 07:15 - 18:30
Admission fee: 15 RMB

The Germans built a lighthouse on Little Qingdao Island during their occupation in 1900.  It was a restricted military area until 1987.  Currently open to visitors, tours include the botanical gardens that feature the rare Qingdao White Lily, which grows only in southern Shandong, as well as the lighthouse.