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RT Mart
162 NingXia Road
Telephone: +86 (532) 8578-0529
ShiNan District > Fushan Bay Area (Central Qingdao)
Qingdao, Shandong Province. P.R. China
大润发, 宁夏路162号, 中国山东省青岛市



Stormy Taylor
+1 # Stormy Taylor 2010-09-29 13:16
I agree RT mart is the most inexpensive, however, I think the post above is misleading. Clean? The grocery area has a street-market feel in the meats and veggie area. The rest of the place is jam-packed with people also. In my opinion, the shopping experience is like going into battle. After you fought the crowd, you earned the discount. I'll stick with Carrefour for a few jiao more.
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Brasseur Roger
+1 # Brasseur Roger 2010-09-08 09:38
RT Mart:
The most inexpensive supermarket in town with fresh vegetables and fruits and large bakery - clean and friendly. First floor has clothes, shoes and Chinese fast food along with KFC. Bus: #11, #26, #202, #205, #226, #601, #604.
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