Qingdao Tour Guides, Translators, & Interpreters

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Our Travel Assistants, Tour Guides, and Business Consultants are the most experienced English speaking Tour Guides, Translators, and Interpreters in Qingdao.

In 2004, Qingdao China Travel & Living Guide - That's Qingdao  began to facilitate and promote the interaction between foreign tourists, business professionals, and the local Qingdao business community.  Two years later, Qingdao China Travel & Living Guide decided to further offer assistance to the local community by providing college and university graduates the opportunity to be travel and business consultants (Tour Guides, Interpreters, and/or Translators).

This enabled travelers, tourists, and business professionals the opportunity to donate to the local community while having an experience of a lifetime visiting China's Sailing City - enjoying the many traditional festivals, festivities, and attractions in Qingdao Old Town, or gaining valuable insight into local business community.  For a small price you will be able to have your very own travel-business consultant (Tour Guide, Interpreter, and/or Translator) for the day or week.  Our consultants provide the opportunity for people to network and thus do better business in Qingdao.  Normal working hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm (8 hours), negotiable.  Fees range from 500RMB to 600RMB per day in Qingdao, and 800RMB per day outside of Qingdao depending upon level of experience.

Crystal Song (Qingdao, China).  B.A. Degree; High English proficiency both in writing and speaking.  7+ years of experience in Translation, International Trade & Commerce.  Plus rich experience in factory/supplier visits, business negotiation, trade shows as well as Logistics.  English: Fluent.
Hello Crystal, I just want to drop a quick note on behalf of Gordon and myself to thank you for your help and skills during our recent trip to China. You made that portion of our trip easier, more productive and likely more profitable. Thank you. ~Kyle Caskey
Spring Xu (Qingdao, China).  International trading experience: 1 year, plus some knowledge of factory/supplier visits, business negotiation, trade shows.  English: Good.

Amanda Ding (Qingdao, China).  Good at communication and negotiation, Import & Export trade,  Logistics.  Canton Fair experience, wholesale, & exportation of goods.  English: Fair.

Tracy Zhong (Qingdao, China).  Studying in France from 2006-2007.  Familiar with the Toy industry & Canton Fair.  Have been to Italy, Belgium, &  Spain.  English: Fair.


+28 # Craig 2013-02-09 12:57
Thanks Crystal, your product sourcing connections, contract negotiation skills, and on going quality control and assurance has made a substantial difference in streamlining our business to increase profitability.
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+36 # Don 2012-06-16 20:20
The personalized Qingdao Old Town excursion was awesome. I will be sure to let my colleges know about your services.
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