Hot Pot Restaurants in Qingdao

Hot PotChinese Hot Pot is similar to European fondue. It is believed that Asian Hot Pot originated in the northern regions of Mongolia.

Although there are no toasted bread cubes dipped in melted Swiss cheese, or lush strawberries bathed in rich melted chocolate, Hot Pot offers the pallet a wide variety of flavors. Different kinds of meat, seafood, and vegetables are placed into a hearty broth until cooked and then usually dipped into a fermented soybean & sesame sauce.

Hot Pot meals are often eaten during the cold the winter months and are an integral part of both northern and southern Chinese cuisine that should not be missed.

Chinese Hot Pot Restaurants in Qingdao:
BoErWang Hot Pot Restaurant
Doulao Hot Pot
HJH Hot Pot Restaurant
Lao Beijing YangXieZi Hot Pot Restaurant
LaoShan Pao Hot Pot Restaurant
Muslim MaJia Hot Pot Restaurant
QianXiangJu Hot Pot Restaurant
TanYuTou Hot Pot Restaurant
TongDeLai Hot Pot Restaurant
XiaoFeiYang Mutton Hot Pot
YaoYao Hot Pot Restaurant