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Vito Cafe Italia Ristorante Italienne, QingdaoVito's Cafe Italia & Ristorante
19 MinJiang 2nd Road
Telephone: +86 (532) 8575-4089
ShiNan District > Fushan Bay Area (Qingdao Coffee Street)
Qingdao, Shandong Province. P.R. China
中国山东省青岛市市南区 闽江二路19号

Lunch: 11:00am - 2:30pm
Dinner: 5:00pm - 11:00am

Vito e Meo Cafe Italia & Ristorante is located next to Cafe Kona on Qingdao's Coffee Street.  They have a nice selection of pasta and pizza but also meat dishes, with salads and other antipasti.  Prices are reasonable with 40 to 50 rmb for pasta and 58 to 72 rmb for pizza.  Western decoration with a small terrace outside.


0 # Gabor 2013-08-09 02:25
Guys, you're the BEST! Ni Hao from Hungary!
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0 # TeacherTrainer 2012-07-15 10:57
Vito's Cafe Italia & Ristorante Italienne: The prices are competitive. Wine is sourced from an Italian. The juices I seen lugged in by a local wholesaler. Pizza is the best in town at the moment. I prefer cooked well done or in Italian "Ben'cotte". I do wish they made a large pizza. That would put them in the Qingdao Pizza History books. No one makes a proper 16 to 18 inch pizza like the Italian American Neighborhoods in the US bang out. Cheers to good pizza.

Michael Scirocco
P.S. if you want better french or Italian wines ask the boss....
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+1 # PizzaLover 2011-11-27 09:52
The best pizzas in Qingdao. Nice and efficient staff, modern decoration.
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+1 # Straydog 2011-11-23 10:36
I had pizza there twice and both times liked it. To me it is much better than the pizza from the Korean run places like Sorrento or Farmer's Pizza. Pizza is cooked (baked?) in the oven right in front of you. The staff was friendly and quick.
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The Don
+2 # The Don 2011-11-18 20:52
The food is decent and worth the modest prices. However, the menu resembles a delivery menu you might find down the back of your sofa in a college frat.

The juices are authentically sourced from the Korean quick-stop next door but graciously given a 500% price hike due to the fact they are served with a colorful straw in a clean glass. The wine list is nothing special and most likely sourced from Metro.

The pizza's toppings are cooked separately and then unceremoniously dumped onto the top of the pizza. The Carbonara as well as the other pasta dishes on the menu are your best bet.
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