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DengZhou Lu (Qingdao Beer Street)

Qingdao Beer Street

DengZhou Road
ShiBei District > Qingdao Beer Museum
Qingdao, Shandong Province.  China

Qingdao Beer Street, located near the Old Tsingtao brewery (which is now China's first beer museum), is lined with dozens of bars & restaurants that are decorated in a unique Sino-European style.  The Beer Palace, located next to the Beer Street, is really just a big tent with a stage where you can find a relief from the heat of the hot August sun, take a nap, play some cards and have a cold draft of Tsingtao Beer.

Beer Street heats up during the Qingdao International Beer Festival with city organized events and local restaurant promotions.

Bus stop (Li Jin): #2, #8, #211, #217, #218, # 221, #222, #232, #301, #320.