Bakeries, Pizza, & Pasta in Qingdao

Qingdao has several bakeries with international flair and flavor. You can find just about anything, from croissants for breakfast to exquisite cakes for all special occasions. You can even create your own specialty items. Although Qingdao's Pizza scene has had its ups and downs, you can still purchase a pizza pie that will satisfy your cravings for cheesy Italian delights. Pasta accompanied with local fresh seafood is on most of the Italian restaurant menus.

Bakeries, Pasta, and Pizza in Qingdao:
Amy's Bakery (艾蜜儿蛋糕店)
Crowne Plaza Bakary & Deli
Farmers Pizza
Genoa Pizza
Hanbur German Bakery
JJ Pizza
Luigi's Pizzeria (路易基意式餐吧)
New York Bakery
Papa John's Pizza
Pizza Hut
Regency Bakery
Rich Bakery
Richmoon Bakery & Cafe
Romeo Bakery