Beaches, Surf, & Sea in Qingdao

Qingdao Coast"Qingdao and the Ocean combine a beautiful scenery of harmonious coexistence between mankind and nature. The hundred–year history of Qingdao is a history of growth and development witnessed by the tide and wind of the sea. It is precisely the ocean that has helped to set off the clear–cut landscape of Qingdao and has nurtured the Qingdao people with broad–mindedness and bosom of the ocean." --Excerpt from speech by Mayor Wang Jiarui given at the opening ceremony of the 1999 Qingdao Ocean Festival.
"Must See" attractions include: Beach Number One, Qingdao Polar Ocean World, Qingdao Underwater World, the Seaside Sightseeing Pathway that extends from Tuandao to ShiLaoRen Beach.

The beaches of Qingdao have always been one of the city's great treasures. They offer a place to relax, play, or just get away from city life and reflect on nature's wonders.

Beaches, Surf, & Sea in Qingdao:
No. 1 Bathing Beach
Huangdao Golden Sand Beach
Huangdao Silver Beach
Laoshan LiuQingHe Beach
Laoshan Yangkou Beach
No. 2 Bathing Beach
Qingdao Beach No. 3
Qingdao Beach No. 6
Qingdao Polar Ocean World
Qingdao Seaside Sightseeing Pathway
Qingdao Underwater World
Shilaoren Beach
Zhan Qiao