FuShan (FuFengShan 浮峰山) Photo Gallery
Starting from the edge of Qingdao's Central Business District (CBD), Fushan's dragon-back-shaped ridge extends to the foothills of Haier Road near Shi Lao Ren (石老人).  Fushan (浮山) can be summitted in under an hour and offers 360 degree panoramic views of Qingdao City and it surrounding suburbs along with the island-studded Yellow Sea.  Found amongst the slopes are German fortifications from the early twentieth century, including tunnels and bunkers carved through the center of the mountain.  The Fushan (浮山) range is approximately 2km wide by 5km long and offers some of Qingdao’s most accessible sport climbing with it's highest peak rising 384 meters from the sands of Shilaoren.

Fushan BunkerFuShan 10-24-2005
The Hidden Bunker inside FuShan!

FushanFuShan 05-29-2005
FuShan from the Qingdao University side.