Japanese Restaurants in Qingdao

Traditional Japanese FoodJapanese food is based on combining staple foods (shushoku, 主食), typically rice or noodles, with a soup, and okazu (おかず) which are dishes made from fish, meat, vegetable, & tofu. Okazu (おかず) is designed to add flavor to the staple foods. These are typically flavored with miso, dashi, & soy sauce which are usually high in salt and low in fat.

A traditional Japanese meal generally consists of a bowl of cooked white Japanese rice (gohan, 御飯), a bowl of soup and some tsukemono (pickles) accompanied by several different okazu. The most standard meal is comprised of 3 okazu and is termed ichijū-sansai (一汁三菜) which translates as "one soup, three sides". Different cooking techniques are applied to each of the three okazu; they may be raw (sashimi), steamed, deep-fried, grilled, simmered (sometimes called boiled), vinegared, or dressed.

Common Japanese dishes include: Rice (gohan 御飯), Noodles (men-rui 麺類), Sashimi (刺身), seiyōshoku (西洋食), yōshokuya (洋食屋), (nimono (煮物), mushimono (蒸し物), agemono (揚げ物), suimono (吸い物), suimono (吸い物), itamemono (炒め物), washoku (和食).

Japanese restaurants in Qingdao:
AKA-Noren Japanese Restaurant
HaiQing ShengJia Japanese Restaurant
HeLv Rotary Sushi Restaurant
La Description Du Monde Restaurant
Nagomi Tei Japanese Restaurant
Noboru Japanese Restaurant
ShangQian Japanese Restaurant
Sumo & Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Tairyo Beef - Seafood Teppanyaki Restaurant
XinQiao Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant
YuShenHu Japanese Restaurant